Monday, January 31, 2011

Yogurt Filled Crepes, Topped With Preserves

I LOVE my crepe maker...but you can make crepes in your pan right at home (I have for years). I've been loving crepes since I discovered them at IHOP when I was about 11...never being able to pass up the Swedish or German pancakes (crepes). And who doesn't love the cheese blintzes? I think I really under-use the "crepe" idea. Really, it can be used for SO MANY meals and in SO MANY ways. The ideas really are endless. Below, is what we had tonight!

ingredients & instructions:
Your favorite crepe recipe. I used this one tonight (pg. 12 "Sweet Crepes")
Vanilla Yogurt (I used fat free)
Fruit Preserves/Jam (I used red raspberry tonight)

1. Make the crepes, spoon yogurt in the crepes, fold up. Spread the preserves over the top.

other crepe ideas:
*Mexican crepes (with taco meat or fajitas).
*There's the breakfast crepe ideas (eggs, ham, bacon or sausage, cheese, potatoes, spinach, any of these).
*Lunch crepes with Peanut Butter & Jelly.
*Beef stroganoff in crepes instead of over noodles.
*Fruit (cut up) crepes with whipped cream to top.
*Dessert crepes with Nutella spread and bananas.
*Apple Filling--sliced (pealed/cored/etc.) apples, tossed with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar--warmed over a stove.

*Buttered crepes with a squeeze of lemon and powdered sugar.

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