Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dutch Oven Teriyaki Chicken & Potatoes

Our ward had a camp out recently, and it was so much fun. A friend of mine and I decided to "dutch oven"-it together. I made the main course and she made the desert. Some while back, for one of our Relief Society Enrichment nights, we had a demonstration on Dutch Oven was a fabulous demonstration and I was so inspired that I went out and bought a great pre-seasoned Dutch oven the very next day. I hadn't gotten a chance to use it until our ward camp out.

Cooking in a Dutch oven isn't very complicated, but you do need to have some instructions. I will provide those at the end of this recipe. The teriyaki chicken and potatoes were fabulous and I got GREAT compliments on the dish. I must say myself, that it was a grand success--especially as it was my 1st time dutch-oven-ing.

I imagine (and I'm going to attempt it) that you can prepare this for the crock pot as well. This recipe below cooks enough for 2 large families, so you may want to half the recipe for you sole family...or invite other over--maybe the missionaries--they have great appetites!!

10 boneless chicken breasts (or 16 breast cutlets)
Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce (you can buy this at Costco--and check your store too)
your favorite thick Teriyaki Sauce

8-10 potatoes, thinly sliced (peeled or unpeeled)
2 lbs bacon
1 large onion

1. Brown the bacon in a hot Dutch oven, or prior in your own skillet. Add diced onion (we minced our onion so as to not have big chunks of onion).

2. Brown chicken in hot Dutch oven, or prior in your skillet. It does not need to be cooked through as it will finish cooking in the Dutch oven.

3. With a little of the left over bacon grease, drizzle it on the bottom of the Dutch oven. Place a layer of chicken, top with Yoshida sauce (as much as you desire), potatoes, bacon and onions. Continue this layering.

4. Place lid on the dutch oven and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour on hot coals. You need to rotated
the dutch oven on the coals 1/4 turn every 15 minutes, and rotate the lid 1/4 turn every 15 minutes as well.

5. If you want, try making this in the crock-pot. I'm sure it will taste rather yummy as well.

*Heat your coals prior to placing the dutch oven on them. The best way to do this is to use a charcoal starter (see picture). We can Dutch-oven cook at home...we bought a large aluminum drip pan that you can buy at Wal-Mart or an Auto store. Place the coals right on it--area of course is hot, so use caution!!

*How many coals do I use so I don't burn the food, here's a great formula...and easy to figure out!

Plus Four – Minus Four Rule
Dutch Oven Size Minus four briquettes on bottom
Dutch Oven Size Plus four briquettes on top
12” oven – 8 (12-4) briquettes on bottom, 16 (12+4) briquettes on top
14” oven – 10 (14-4) briquettes on bottom, 18 (14+4) briquettes on top

*For more instructions on how to Dutch-oven cook, email me!

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